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EverydaySc-I Quiz

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Question no 1:


Q.1 The gas, commonly known as “laughing gas”, is

Question no 2:


Q.2 Dr. Abdus Salam of Pakistan was one of the contributors of the unification of __________?

Question no 3:


Q.3 Which of the following atmospheric layers help in radio communication?

Question no 4:


Q.4 The planet that moves round the Sun at the highest speed is_________?

Question no 5:


Q.5 Deficiency of __________ causes loss of appetite and poor growth?

Question no 6:


Q.6 In general, wind speed of 10 –13 kph caused_______?

Question no 7:


Q.7 The fruits without seed, like banana, are called_____________?

Question no 8:


Q.8 The good sources of Vitamin-B Complex are?

Question no 9:


Q.9 Which of the following have maximum calorific value?

Question no 10:


Q.10 Study of life in outer space is known as ?

Question no 11:


Q.11 Eugenics is the study of___________________?

Question no 12:


Q.12 Which form of drug abuse involves most risk of infection with the HIV (AIDS) virus ?

Question no 13:


Q.13 Leukemia is a disease of the___________?

Question no 14:


Q.14 The term ‘Blue Shift’ is used to indicate?

Question no 15:


Q.15 Sedimentary rocks are__________?

Question no 16:


Q.16 Magnifying power of a simple microscope can be increased by ?

Question no 17:


Q.17 A person of which of the following blood groups is called a universal donor?

Question no 18:


Q.18 Addison’s disease is caused by the deficiency of____________?

Question no 19:


Q.19 The planets visible to us without using a telescope are __________?

Question no 20:


Q.20 Dolly is the name of the ?

Question no 21:


Q.21 Biosensor is used to measure?

Question no 22:


Q.22 Basic metals can be converted into gold by ?

Question no 23:


Q.23 Instrument used for measuring very high temperature is __________?

Question no 24:


Q.24 One of the main function of the earth’s ozone layer is to ?

Question no 25:


Q.25 Oasis is associated with___________?

Question no 26:


Q.26 The Great Spot is on the planet __________?

Question no 27:


Q.27 Fuel used in a Fast Breeder Reactor is _____________?

Question no 28:


Q.28 Meteorology is the study of?

Question no 29:


Q.29 In humans , most nutrient molecules are absorbed by the ?

Question no 30:


Q.30 One of the countries through which equator passes is___________?

Question no 31:


Q.31 Chemical used to kill rats and mice are ?

Question no 32:


Q.32 Einstein’s famous equation which states that mass and energy are interchangeable is?

Question no 33:


Q.33 The main function of the kidney is ____________?

Question no 34:


Q.34 German Silver is an alloy of___________?

Question no 35:


Q.35 Which from the following is NOT a conductor?

Question no 36:


Q.36 Defeciency of following vitamin decreases hemoglobin production ?

Question no 37:


Q.37 The SI unit of electric current is?

Question no 38:


Q.38 In night, when photosynthesis is stopped, plants__________?

Question no 39:


Q.39 A lake starts freezing because of the cold atmosphere. It will first freeze

Question no 40:


Q.40 Oxidation is a chemical reaction involving the __________?

Question no 41:


Q.41 Clocks, which moves with the velocities comparable with the velocity of light, run ?

Question no 42:


Q.42 Acid rain is mainly caused by emissions of __________ in the atmosphere?

Question no 43:


Q.43 The device used to convert Alternate Current into Direct Current is called?

Question no 44:


Q.44 Max Planck received the noble prize in Physics in 1918 for his discovery of ?

Question no 45:


Q.45 Parsec is a unit of ___________?

Question no 46:


Q.46 About 50% of the Earth’s crust, including the waters on the Earth and atmosphere, is?

Question no 47:


Q.47 What is Dry Ice?

Question no 48:


Q.48 The instrument which i specially design for recording earth quake wave is called seismograph which measure earth quake waves on a ____________?

Question no 49:


Q.49 Role of biotechnology in the production of food based on ___________?

Question no 50:


Q.50 Myopia is a disease connected with_________?

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