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GK-II Quiz

Your Information:

Question no 1:


Q.1 Bodpola is the highest point Mountain Pass of the world which is situated in __________?

Question no 2:


Q.2 Mariupol is famous city of _________?

Question no 3:


Q.3 Which of the following Olympic games are known as “Bloody Olympic games” in the history of games?

Question no 4:


Q.4 What is the theme of the ‘World Food Safety Day 2022’?

Question no 5:


Q.5 Book “The Battle for Pakistan” is written by ____________?

Question no 6:


Q.6 Which country has most number of universities in the world?

Question no 7:


Q.7 California Zypher is a famous 3924 kms train route between Chicago and ___________?

Question no 8:


Q.8 Which country has more pyramids than other country in the world?

Question no 9:


Q.9 Ibn Sina was died in which country?

Question no 10:


Q.10 Which philosopher is known as “Father of Liberalism”?

Question no 11:


Q.11 ‘Okinawa’, a chain of islands, is part of______?

Question no 12:


Q.12 Which one of the following is the world’s loftiest peak?

Question no 13:


Q.13 Who was the first viceroy of India?

Question no 14:


Q.14 Mahia Peninsula is located in __________?

Question no 15:


Q.15 What was the theme of the 2022 World Water Day (WWD) __________?

Question no 16:


Q.16 Which of the following the current length of Indus river?

Question no 17:


Q.17 Arak Nuclear power plant is located in which country?

Question no 18:


Q.18 When Earth day celebrated first time?

Question no 19:


Q.19 Which Pakistani fast bowler was DSP in Police?

Question no 20:


Q.20 The world’s first printed book is _________ ?

Question no 21:


Q.21 Who lead Muslim forces during the ”Crusades”?

Question no 22:


Q.22 What was Turkey called before 1923?

Question no 23:


Q.23 Currant is a ________?

Question no 24:


Q.24 Afghanistan border with ___________ Countries?

Question no 25:


Q.25 G7 was founded in ___________?

Question no 26:


Q.26 which is the smallest state of India by Area?

Question no 28:


Q.28 Where is Karakum desert located?

Question no 29:


Q.29 Which is the largest Province of Afghanistan by Population?

Question no 30:


Q.30 How many member countries are there in the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation (SCO)?

Question no 31:


Q.31 Hillier Lake is located in which country?

Question no 32:


Q.32 The Parliament of Poland is __________ ?

Question no 33:


Q.33 Pu’uka’oku falls is located in which of the country?

Question no 34:


Q.34 The world’s oldest continuously operating university in English speaking world is __________?

Question no 35:


Q.35 The Muslims invaded Spain in ____________?

Question no 36:


Q.36 Imam Shamil a great Political,Military and Spiritual leader of Caucasian resistance to Imperial Russia was born in?

Question no 37:


Q.37 Who wrote ” How to avoid climate disaster”?

Question no 38:


Q.38 Who is the founder of Wikipedia?

Question no 39:


Q.39 22 April is observed Internationally as _________?

Question no 40:


Q.40 Where 10 Downing Street is located?

Question no 41:


Q.41 Togo and Gabon got independence from ___________?

Question no 42:


Q.42 KOTO Hydropower Project Timergara Dir of KPK Province generation capacity is _________ Megawatts?

Question no 43:


Q.43 Kimberley, a town of South Africa is famous for __________?

Question no 44:


Q.44 “Big Bash League” is related to which sports?

Question no 45:


Q.45 Hally’s comet last seen in 1986,next will be in ?

Question no 46:


Q.46 What was the real name of Genghis Khan?

Question no 47:


Q.47 Asia Cooperation Dialogue is intergovernmental Organization formed in 2002. Its secretariat is in ____________?

Question no 48:


Q.48 Burushaski is a/an ____________?

Question no 49:


Q.49 Sadako Sasaki was a___________national.

Question no 50:


Q.50 Where is Makran medical college located?

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