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pakstudy-I Quiz

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Question no 1:


Q.1 The latest version of Hatf-5 is ________ ?

Question no 2:


Q.2 The range if Hatf-3 is ________ ?

Question no 3:


Q.3 The Largest Cotton Exchange Building of Pakistan is situated in _________ ?

Question no 4:


Q.4 The largest Natural fresh Water Lake in the subcontinent is ___________?

Question no 5:


Q.5 On which of the following date Captain Karnal Sher Khan was martyred at Kargil?

Question no 7:


Q.7 “The place where heaven and earth meet” these words are said about which place ?

Question no 8:


Q.8 The capital of KPK is ________ ?

Question no 9:


Q.9 Peshawar means ________ ?

Question no 10:


Q.10 What is the total area of FATA?

Question no 11:


Q.11 The___________Moterway connects the cities of Hyderabad and Karachi in the Sindh province of Pakistan?

Question no 12:


Q.12 The Indus River falls into the __________ ?

Question no 13:


Q.13 Jamrud Fort is located near ________ ?

Question no 14:


Q.14 Tarbela dam is situated in _________ ?

Question no 15:


Q.15 Clifton Beach is located in _________ ?

Question no 16:


Q.16 Where is Warsak Dam of Pakistan situated?

Question no 17:


Q.17 The shrine of Abdullah Shah Ghazi is located in ___________ ?

Question no 18:


Q.18 Baltura Glacier is located in _____________ ?

Question no 19:


Q.19 Defence day is observed on ___________ ?

Question no 20:


Q.20 First Capital of Pakistan was ____________ ?

Question no 21:


Q.21 In which of the following city Army Medical College is located ?

Question no 22:


Q.22 Which is the Highest peak of Pakistan ?

Question no 23:


Q.23 The Range of Ghari-1 is ________ ?

Question no 24:


Q.24 Bala Hisar Fort is located in __________ ?

Question no 25:


Q.25 Ahmad Shah Pitras Bukhari was a famous writer of ______ language.

Question no 26:


Q.26 The name of first Pakistan made sub Marine is _________ ?

Question no 27:


Q.27 Lal Shahbaz Qalandar wrote several books in Persian and _________ ?

Question no 28:


Q.28 In which of the following city Military College Jhelum is located?

Question no 29:


Q.29 HIT stands for ?

Question no 30:


Q.30 World Tuberculosis Day is observed on ____________?

Question no 31:


Q.31 Risalo is the best known collection of romantic poetry in the ________ Language.

Question no 32:


Q.32 Name the range which separates Pakistan from Afghanistan?

Question no 33:


Q.33 Chowk Yadgar Peshawar commemorates the heroes of the _________ ?

Question no 34:


Q.34 The hottest place in Pakistan is ___________ ?

Question no 35:


Q.35 The largest city of KPK is ___________ ?

Question no 36:


Q.36 Which city of Pakistan held the OIC Conference in 1997?

Question no 37:


Q.37 Shah Abdul Latif is the author of _____________ ?

Question no 38:


Q.38 ICT stands for?

Question no 39:


Q.39 At the time of Kargil in 1999 the Chief of Army Staff was _________ ?

Question no 40:


Q.40 The members of Punjab Assembly are?

Question no 41:


Q.41 K-2 is present in which mountains range ?

Question no 42:


Q.42 What is the maximum height of Kirthar Range ?

Question no 43:


Q.43 The capital city of Gilgit Baltistan is?

Question no 44:


Q.44 The Largest cantonment of Pakistan army is located in ?

Question no 45:


Q.45 The Supreme commander of Pakistan Armed Forces is?

Question no 46:


Q.46 The height of Himalaya range increases as it moves from ?

Question no 47:


Q.47 Who inaugurated the State Bank of Pakistan?

Question no 48:


Q.48 What is the total area of Punjab Province?

Question no 49:


Q.49 The Salt range is situated between rivers soan and _____________?

Question no 50:


Q.50 Manchar Lake is situated in ___________ ?

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